Sandra recognizes that the environment plays a heavy hand in modern needs for appropriate skin care. The body was originally designed to cope with environmental changes. In today's polluted environment the body tries desperately to cleanse itself of man-made toxic wastes. Sandra herself was an example of how using her products and skin care concepts helped her avoid excessive skin damage and premature aging brought on by her family's natural tendency to prematurely age plus photo-aging she received after many years she spent in the harsh Florida sun.

People will notice the difference!

"When was the last time a stranger walked up to you and asked what you used on your skin to look like that? It happens to me at least once a day and my clients constantly tell me people are always asking them the same question. This is how I now have thousands of clients from someone telling someone. I am just as excited today over my Aloe Spectrum Products as I was 30 years ago. You will be too! "

Great Skin requires daily care...

Sandra delights in teaching people just how to care for and revitalize their own skin. In an uncomplicated regimen that needs only take no more than five minutes, they can have younger, protected, and rejuvenated skin.

Aloe Spectrum,
a Fresh and Natural Product

"I use natural substances to restore moisture to the skin. I combine fresh aloe with seaweed, bee products, vital and essential oils, in a unique way so that you may control your own skin care regimen depending upon your own type of skin, by using more or less of nature's vital and essential oils.

I promote the use of natural fruit acids, such as those found in my own creme, Spectra-Glycol, which acts as an actual Micro-Peel dissolving, exfoliating, and removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin."

You'll be convinced too...

Sandra is also convinced that understanding the qualities of the aloe plant and related organic essences enables those who use her aloe-based products to take an intelligent responsibility for the treatment and revitalization of their own skin. Since her skin care techniques are based on natural nutrients that 'feed' the skin, she feels that to understand how natural products benefit the body, it is useful to understand what the body requires for nourishment, how it meets these expectations and how it processes nutrients.

Sandra has an identical twin sister (shown in the pictures on the left), who still lives in Florida and at the time of these photographs, has not treated her skin as Sandra has and the results are dramatic.

Sandra has a radiant porcelain complexion while her sisterís skin looks older and less moist. Sandra is the twin on the left.

Shun the sun

Photo-aging is aging caused by sunlight. There is a delayed reaction from exposure to excessive sun and the damage it causes by as many as 15 to 20 years. This is a major contributor to wrinkles. It is interesting to note here that wrinkles you are now noticing had their origin so many years ago. Laying on the beach as a youth is the source of middle-aged wrinkles.

Therefore, Sandra has proven that it is possible to slow future wrinkling today.

Why Sandra created her own skin-care:

The story of how Sandra came to develop such remarkable products goes back more than 30 years ago where she became acquainted with a burn specialist who had begun experimenting with the use of specific natural substances and fresh aloe to treat his own burn patients. Going beyond his own formulations, Sandra used these natural ideas to develop her own. Some of the great minds have helped Sandra in both medicine and science to formulate the products she makes available today. Actually, when she first went to various chemists to help her in developing her products they told her that it was neither feasible nor practical and would not help her. This is why she started her own lab and personally brought together and formulated the products known today as Aloe Spectrum.

In her own words...

"Over 30 years ago I began looking everywhere into the treatment for a friend who had been badly burned over 80% of his body. I found a doctor who treated burns with a specially processed aloe and aloe-based aftercare creme.

His patients healed in one-third the normal time and with minimum or no scarring. The healing of the skin to its normal condition and the cellular rejuvenation seemed close to miraculous. Since fresh aloe restored such terribly damaged skin, I was sure it would be the perfect skin care regimen to correct - even rejuvenate - my own sun-damaged and pre-aged skin. I began experimenting with the Aloe Vera plant utilizing a similar but simpler process than that of the burn treatment. The results were miraculous.

For the first time in all the years I had spent under the unforgiving Florida sun, my skin became even-colored, remoisturized and beautifully textured."

It soon became clear...

"Since then, it has been clear to me that a fresh, natural, Aloe Vera creme treatment is the secret to correcting and maintaining healthy skin. I have designed a basic skin care regimen that anyone can use in only a few minutes each day. My unique treatment cremes are always kept fresh in a cooler until shipped directly to my customers.

Over the years I have become endorsed by many Plastic Surgeons and Physicians. They do this due to the performance of my Aloe Spectrum Cremes for both their rejuvenating qualities and daily skin care."

"This is the concept upon which I have based my Aloe Spectrum skin care line."