“Over the years, I have worked with many doctors and skin care specialists who have been amazed at my results with Aloe Spectrum products. They are happy to share with you their experiences with my Aloe Spectrum skin care concept.”
Sandra E. Cope

Dr. Charles R. Cardany, M.D., Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Chevy Chase, Maryland,

“Sandra Cope is ahead of her time in the skin health industry! Her visionary concepts of Aloe Spectrum skin care products have consistently proven to provide excellent treatment results in the restoration, rejuvenation and maintenance of healthy skin. I have finally discovered a reliable and predictable means of treating many diverse, and often difficult, skin problems. When used properly, these products have proven to be invaluable in the treatment of surgical and burn scars, dermabrasion, oily or dry skin, and notably, as an essential post-Laser skin treatment program. I truly believe the rationale for the use of natural ingredients in these products has a firm foundation, based on medical knowledge and physiological principles inherent to healthy, youthful skin...
That is why they work!”

Dr. Yale Kadesky, M.D., Plastic Surgeon,

“In my experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Sandra Cope's Aloe Spectrum products have promoted rapid healing in damaged skin, such as Laser and reconstructive surgery, and in normal skin I have noticed a definite rejuvenating effect that gives the skin a healthy and youthful appearance.”

Dr. Andrew Montague, M.D., Professor at John Hopkins and a practicing surgeon and gynecologist,

“I have used Aloe Spectrum Creme and I can only report excellent results. I believe that the product promotes healing which also confirms the very fine results obtained from its use in the treatment of burns.”

Dr. Zidi Berger, M.D., practicing surgeon and gynecologist,

“Using Sandra’s products through the years, I have observed the smooth and healthy, radiant complexion that can be achieved by carefully nourishing the skin. Sandra’s skin care line does exactly that using Natures building blocks and fresh Aloe Vera.”

Dr. Ioana Razi, M.D., Pediatrician,

“I have referred numerous clients to Sandra Cope’s Aloe Spectrum because I believe that these products are truly the finest natural-based skin care preparations I have encountered on today’s market. I believe in results, and that is what I have observed in everyone I recommend to use these products.”