From: Dorothy K., Washington D.C., August 25, 1989

"For years I have searched for a product that would consistently keep my skin moisturized and feeling healthy. I tried many times at much expense and though they produced results at first, after only a few weeks use my complexion would become noticeably dry again. Also, body moisturizers simply did not leave my skin feeling comfortable. It has been a continuing battle to find a product that works for me. And now especially, because of maturing years I need something that unfailingly works. I found it. In January of this year, 1989, I discovered Sandra Cope of Aloe Spectrum . I first began using the four steps recommended for the face. The results were so fantastic that decided to try the body lotion for moisturizing daily and as a sunscreen. Never again will I have to fret about my skin care. With confidence I use the Aloe Spectrum products daily on my face, and the body lotion daily and at the beach or whenever I am out sunning. The results for both are consistent, with a soft silky feeling to the skin that is like a tonic. I have even graduated myself to the Aloe Spectrum shampoo for my hair and love it. Whatever expansion of business Sandra Cope embarks on is exciting, because I can uneqivocably state that her integrity for promoting Aloe Spectrum products which bring healing to the skin and body is primary. I would not hesitate trying out any of what she recommends. Thank you Sandra."

From: Paula K., Oakton, Virginia, June 7, 1991

"This letter is long overdue -- not by days or months, but by years!
I have been using your products for 5-6 years and absolutely love them! I have probably tried every single product you offer, and have not found one I did not like. People have commented on how wrinkle-free my face is (in spite of the fact that I'll be 38 in September and in the sun every summer), and I always give you the compliment in return -- "Thanks to Sandra's stuff!"

I have been asked a number of times to sell NuSkin, so before I made a commitment, I tried their facial products. For one week, I washed my face with their facial cleanser and used their facial creme while I slept and under makeup, but was not happy with the way my face felt. I'd wake up at night and my face would feel tight. During the day, my face never felt as though it was awake. I missed your #3 essential oils immensely! After that week, NuSkin became history and obviously I cannot and won't sell a product I don't believe in.

In conclusion, I just want to say that I love your products and highly recommend them to everyone. Many of my male and female friends use your products and have noticed a positive difference in their faces also. You definitely produce a great line of skin care and I'm sure I'll continue to use them well into my old age."

From: Soroya F., Springfield, Virginia, October 23, 1991

"We all know the importance of skin care and we also know the difficulty in choosing the RIGHT one. One that will give us visible results in a short period of time. The department stores are brimming with skin care counters and unfortunately, they leave us more confused. Even a cursory glance at the ingredients make us feel we need a degree in chemistry to understand WHAT we are putting on our faces. Add to this, the cost involved and we end up knowing we have wasted both time and money. So, after all this frustration and an accumulation of half-used jars of unfulfilled promises, I can happily report there is THE product line --- SANDRA COPE.
A product that absolutely works, that demonstrates its ability right from the start and just keeps getting better. A line that lists ingredients that we can all understand and, more importantly, has its origin in the miracle of Aloe Vera. The timeless plant whose healing abilities we all know. But it doesn't stop there! Ms. Cope glorifies the properties of Aloe Vera and embellishes it in her knowledgeable, loving way with other natural complementary ingredients such as jojoba, vitamin E, .. and herbs that make her products stand apart from all the rest. Her expertise and formulas produce a line that not only makes good skin fabulous, but will correct problem skin.
I have used her line for years and have proudly sent her many customers who continually thank me because their appearance is dramatically improved. Let me also mention that this is a great line for men. My husband loves the fact that Ms. Cope has made it effortless for him to enjoy great skin with her single creme for men that has as its bonus that it doubles as an excellent shave creme.
As a restaurant owner who sees many people each day, looking as good as I can is very important to me and SANDRA COPE products are just perfect. To put it succinctly -- SANDRA COPE equals the fountain of youth!!"