You may download a small instructional program that fully explains how to use Sandra Cope’s Basic 4-Step Skin Care Program. Soon to come are more instructional movies about all of Sandra Cope’s products that will be very helpful as a shared reference for yourself, family and friends.

CLICK HERE to view a Movie Presentation on using Aloe Spectrum’s Basic Four-Step Skin Care Program.

Sandra Cope offers an uncomplicated, easy and quick to use skin care product line. The basic skin care program is based upon four (4) basic steps.

There are a number of “companion products” to enhance and compliment the basic skin care line. These products are designed for those individuals who have greater needs for moisture, oils and essential biological skin “building blocks” and have a desire to significantly accelerate their skin’s recovery.

The skin requires two types of moisture. Water moisture and oil moisture. Both are equally essential for proper skin function.

Restore Moisturizing Serum greatly increases the water moisture of the skin and tenaciously holds it there all day with liquid silk protein.

Replenish Serum contains pure vegetal-squalane — the most prevalent oil in human skin. When a baby is born, 25% of their skin is made up of squalane. As we get older, it drops down to around 10-12%, so we are always deficient and in need of this valuable skin oil.

Restructure Wrinkle-Reducing Serum is a scientifically proven collagen stimulator. It delivers important messages to the components of the skin responsible for manufacturing collagen and its numerous structural support mechanisms.

The three companion products Restore, Replenish, and Restructure, should be combined together (a drop or two of each) and be applied immediately after you cleanse with Step #1 and before you apply the remaining basic steps. It is suggested to get the companion products into the skin before you apply the Step #3 oils as they tend to slow down the absorption of the actives in the companion products. There is no wrong way to apply the products, there are simply “preferable” ways to do so. Oils simply slow down the absorption because that is the nature of oil moisturization.  Oils go in slow but are also slow to come back out so they are essential for long-term moisturization. The companion products provide instant short and, ultimately, long-term moisturization. The collagen stimulating actives within the Restructuring Anti-wrinkle Serum also benefit from quick, unobstructed absorption into the skin so they can carry their messages to the skin’s “machines” which manufacture collagen and its supporting substances.

Aloe Spectrum’s Four Easy Steps

Great skin requires daily care.  This system allows you to control the amount of moisture needed for your own skin type.  You will see immediate and noticeable changes.  But be patient. Optimum results can take 3 ½ months. These four steps tell you how to create and maintain a healthy, youthful look.

Step #1 Cleansing Creme

Aloe Spectrum Cleansing Creme sloughs off dead cells and cleans quickly and efficiently without stripping the natural oils from your skin as soaps invariably do.

Apply a small amount of creme directly to a steamy washcloth and cleanse thoroughly.

Hint: keep a supply of inexpensive white washcloths for your skin care regimen. The roughness of the cloth helps the creme slough off dirt and dead cells.

Step #2 Aloe Gelée

This nutrient enriched toner with fresh Aloe Vera is suspended in a natural seaweed gel.

Apply directly to the face with your fingers.

Hint: Keep your bottle of Gelée refrigerated to maintain its freshness.

Step #3 Ultramoist

Ultramoist is the moisture control for your own unique skin.

Apply a small dab of Ultramoist over your entire face and neck and wherever your skin needs it.  Use more on dry skin; less on oily areas.

More may be used at night as a special moisturizing  treatment pack.

Use less under make-up and on oily areas.

Hint: Apply to those parts of your skin that need extra moisture — especially around the mouth and under the eyes.  Ultramoist may be applied to soften sun-dried skin spots, chapped lips and even rough knees, elbows, hands and heels.

Step #4 Moisturizing Creme

Aloe Spectrum Moisturizing Creme mirrors the Aloe Vera gel. It is the “carrier” that allows essential oils in the cremes to penetrate the surface of your skin.

Always use this creme over your Step #3 Ultramoist.

Place a small dab of creme on your skin. Pat the creme in with your fingers.

Use less under make-up, more at night.

Hint: If your skin is too moist after use of Step 4, you are using too much Ultramoist.