Sandra Cope describes in her own words:

“I have developed a unique extraction of the aloe gel, and a preservation process that sustains the activity of its entire organic spectrum. This is why I call my products Aloe Spectrum. I use only pure and unadulterated extracted gel from the leaves of Aloe (Barbadensis Miller) Vera, grown in rich fertile soil. I believe in sparing no expenditure in attaining the highest quality and grade of natural ingredients available.”

For thousands of years people have valued the gel of the remarkable Aloe Vera plant for its amazing ability to moisturize and restore even the most damaged skin. Sandra Cope’s Aloe Spectrum Skin Care offers you the legendary performance of Aloe Vera and more.

 Anyone wants:

Even Refined Skin Tone and Color

Fine Skin Texture

Moisturized Skin

Adopting a regular skin-care program can help you to maintain a fresh, healthy radiant complexion.

Aloe Spectrum products mirror the attributes of the aloe plant. Like the natural gel, Aloe Spectrum products envelop, protect and nurture the tissue of the skin. This provides the ideal treatment for the kind of skin everyone seeks - well moisturized and finely textured with even, refined tone and color.